Long Term Care Options

About two out of five people 65 and older will enter a nursing facility, which according to Genworths 2010 "Cost of Care" research could cost $70,000 per year.

Have you thought about what the consequences of providing care over an extended period of years would have on those you love?

Some important things to consider are:

  • Providing constant care will often make healthy caregivers as chronically ill, as those they care for.
  • Children and/or friends may have no choice but to help provide your care, which will force them to change their lives.
  • Paying for care could have a serious impact on your financial plan and your ability to keep your financial commitments.
  • If an illness lasted long enough, it many cause serious tax issues and threaten the financial well-being of those you love.

Take time to learn why a plan for long term care must be considered and what the consequences are if you don't and watch this story:

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